Spotlight Brewery: Tall Tales Brewing Company, Parsonsburg, Maryland

Tall Tales Brewing Company is another brewery to recently open on the Eastern Shore. Located outside Salisbury, Maryland as you travel to Ocean City in Parsonsburg, Tall Tales has been in existence since January of 2011. Their beers are themed after the legendary stories we all grew up with, know and love.

It is with pride that our brews are themed on folk lore. Tall Tales have been told for years, stories of real and fictitious people who do unbelievable and amazing things. These stories have become part of our culture and heritage. The legends of Paul Bunyan, Blue Ox, Calamity Jane, John Henry, Red Headed Step Child, Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill and Excalibur. These are just a few of the legendary stories that have been told over the years. Stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. Our brewers have carefully developed beers that would be worthy of each legendary tall tale. These brews appeal to many different tastes. We are certain you will find something to delight your palette!

The brewery itself hosts a large tasting area with about 7-8 tables with chairs, as well as a bar area you can sit at. They also have a lounge area on the other side of the room as well as an outdoor garden area (which we did not know about / check out.) We headed over to the tasting section and grabbed a table. We took a quick look at the menu to see that they offer wood oven pizza’s, wings, salads, crab dip as well as some desserts. We had already eaten lunch, so we didn’t order any actual food, however, we all really want to go back to eat. They didn’t open until 3 o clock that day, so we knew we couldn’t wait to eat there, with dinner reservations at 6:30. The good news is that the next day (I think) they expanded their hours and will now be open for lunch! The one thing we decided we needed to try, hungry or not, was the Dessert Pizza. I tell you what, it was amazing. It was their wood fired pizza crust, sweet cream cheese, peaches, blueberries and an agave syrup drizzle. Wow. As a group we decided that the crust was amazing and if that is the crust for all their pizzas, they are going to all taste great.

As we sat down there were a lot of people coming in and out and people enjoying the beer and conversation. The wait staff / bartenders / possible brewers were as friendly as can be, coming around talking to tables, answering questions and interacting. It made for a great atmosphere. Our specific waitress was very sociable and a ton of fun. The head chef even got in on the interaction and came out to ask us how the pizza was. It was actually the first one he made for the day, having never made this specific pizza before. It was really awesome to talk with him.

We ordered the sampler of beers and tried them all. They even had a guest tap from Shorebilly Brewing Company, which just opened it’s doors in Ocean City. The beers were all pretty good, with Red Headed Step Child being the group’s favorite. There was nothing overly great about the beers, they were all above average, well made and easy to drink but  the atmosphere put this place over the top and that is something that will keep us coming back.

I did enjoy each of their beers and the dessert was awesome. I can’t wait to stop in again try the different small batch beers they do, as well as eat off the menu. If you are ever heading East to Ocean City from Salisbury, do yourself a favor and check out Tall Tales.

Tall Tale Sign

Tall Tales must share the building with a landscaping company

Tall Tale Building

The Tall Tale Building

Tall Tale Building close up

Close up of the entrance of the building


Door way to Tall Tales

Tall Tales sign 2

Sweet Tall Tales Sign when you walk into the place

Tall Tale Sign 2

Cascading Waterfall behind the Tall Tales Sign


What’s on tap?

Tap List

The Tap List

Other Half tap

The other half of the tap list

Main Staples

The Tall Tales Main Line Up

Dessert Pizza

Ridiculous Peach and Blueberry Dessert Pizza

Tall Tale behind the bar

Behind the bar lets you look into the brewery


Tall Tale Brewing Company Sampler

(R – L) Red Headed Step Child, John Henry, Some Beach, Excalibur, Paul Bunyan

Red Headed Step Child (Irish Red Ale) – Smooth, crisp, toast and roasty malt. Little apple flavor to it as well. Really enjoyable.

John Henry (Irish Dry Stout) – Earthy, Roasted malt, mildly dry and bitter finish with a light lingering coffee. Pretty standard, but easy to drink

Some Beach (Kolsch) – Bready with a dry cracker taste. Tasted a bit off. Didn’t like too much, especially compared to the Shorebilly Kolsch they had on tap.

Excalibur (IPA) – A bit caramel malt forward with a slightly bitter back end, ended up a bit more malt forward than I would have liked but was pretty tasty.

Paul Bunyan (APA) – Delicious citrus, light pale malt, easy to drink, slightly bitter.

Tall Tale Brewing Company Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde

Small Batch Experimental Brew:

Bonnie and Clyde (DIPA) – Sweetened malt, tons of tropical fruit, I mostly pick out Mango. Pretty darn tasty. Nice bitterness.

Overall I liked the Red Headed Step Child and the Bonnie and Clyde in that order. The only one I didn’t like was the Kolsch. Excellent brews, great dessert pizza, and a great atmosphere. I can’t wait to go back and maybe even take Shandy with me.


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